New England Energy controls, Inc. (NEEC) is a prominent independent temperature control and HVAC Service Contractor who continually maintains a staff of highly-skilled pneumatic/electric, mechanical and refrigeration technicians. The heating and cooling systems within today’s buildings and their respective automatic temperature and environmental controls require greater expertise to install and maintain. It is simply too expensive both for the contractor and for the customer not to be able to avert problems without proper design, operation and maintenance. Life cycle and building energy operating and maintenance costs continue to increase customer demand and deserve quality service. Furthermore, institutional concerns (including such things as electrical deregulation and the new and evolving green building standards) require that the contractor must continually be knowledgeable and available to also serve building owners both as an HVAC servicing vendor and assist as an energy cost managing consultant.


New England Energy Controls, Inc. (NEEC was founded in early 1987. The organization had previously existed since 1969 as a southern New England Corporate Factory Branch Office of a major temperature control manufacturer. The transfer to private ownership made our company independent and more responsive to the increasingly cost competitive needs of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market as both a Mechanical Contractor capable of servicing HVAC systems but also understanding the complexities of today’s environmental controls and automated Building Management Systems (BMS’s).

NEEC has developed a successful track record in both the public and private sectors by continually striving to improve our level of service to building owners and managers. This has been done by guaranteeing that no matter whether it is a large construction project, renovation or small service repair that the customer will be able to deal directly with one of the principals of the company. This intimate relationship assures responsiveness and will continue to be the key to our future success.

The computerized microprocessor-based technology that continues to bring numerous benefits to our homes, transportation, buildings, and working environments requires increasing specialized technical forms of service. The continuing challenge Facility Managers face in the operation of their facility’s HVAC and Building Automation Systems will be to find a company capable of providing reasonably-priced and properly-qualified service technicians. More and more, the demand will be for the mechanics who not only have traditional training in mechanical heating, refrigeration and air conditioning trade expertise but also knowledge of the ever-increasing predominance of electric/electronics controls which accompany new or replacement HVAC/mechanical and lighting equipment.

Today, within the State of Connecticut and Greater Southern New England, NEEC has remained among one of the most competitive contractors capable of offering combined BMS Direct Digital Control (DDC) installations and full HVAC service. This has properly positioned ourselves for this fast-growing market in the 21st Century. The economics of better monitoring and controlling energy consumption in buildings not only promotes the movement towards more efficient, newer environmentally green standards, but it also makes increasingly good administrative and business sense in the public and private sectors.